ATC Weekly Hitz List Top 50, #40th edition 2011 (03 Oktober – 09 Oktober 2011)

40-atc-hitz-2011You are entering ATC Weekly Hitz List Top 50, The Fastest Music Chart Show, Best Playlist And Totally Different With Others

Welcomeback in ATC Hitz Top 50, #40th edition of 2011. Congratulations to (#1) Bruno Mars – Talking To The Moon as our new champion ATC Hitz for this week. Follow up at runner up position (#2) Darren Hayes – Black Out The Sun and in third position (#3) He Is We feat Owl City – All About Us. This week we have 14 New Entry and sure, there are 14 songs sadly had to move out from chart, here they are :

14 Artists Dump Out Of Chart : (Artist -Title Song – Weeks On Chart – Peak Position)

  • – Matt Cardle – Run For Your Life (5W#1 Champion Of Last Week)
  • – James Morrison – I Won’t Let You Go (6W #2 Runner Up For Last Week)
  • – Martin and James – Tides (5W#3 Third Place For Last Week)
  • – Hedley feat P. Reign – Invincible (5W $4)
  • – Cal Ecker – I Will Love You (5W #5)
  • – Jojo – Disaster (4W #7)
  • – Joe Mcelderry – Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) (4W#8)
  • – Lil Wayne Feat Bruno Mars – Mirror (3W #18)
  • – Jane’s Addiction – Irresistible Force (3W #19)
  • – Di-Rect – The Chase (3W #22)
  • – Madina Lake – Hey Superstar (3W #23)
  • – Professor Green & Emeli Sande – Read All About It (1W #45)
  • – Four Year Strong – Just Drive (1W #49)
  • – Damien Rice – Cannonball (1W #50)

So guys here they are top 50 for this week, enjoy!!!

ATC Weekly Hitz List Top 50, #40th edition 2011 (03 Oktober – 09 Oktober 2011)

  1. Bruno Mars – Talking To The Moon (5W+5)
  2. Darren Hayes – Black Out The Sun (5W+7)
  3. He Is We feat Owl City – All About Us (5W+7)
  4. John West – Loved You Tonight (3W+13)
  5. Pixie Lott feat Ke$ha – Blackout (My Only Love) (5W+6)
  6. Mute Math – Noticed (4W+9)
  7. Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (4W+7)
  8. Redlight King – City Life (3W+28)
  9. Enrique Iglesias feat Pitbull – I Like How It Feels (3W+17)
  10. Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk (4W+4)
  11. Frankmusik  Feat Colette Carr – No I.D (4W+1)
  12. Coldplay – Paradise (4W+1)
  13. Britney Spears – Criminal (3W+7)
  14. Demi Lovato feat Missy Elliott & Timbaland – All Night Long (3W+11)
  15. Joe Jonas – Just In Love (3W+6)
  16. Aqua – Like a Robot (3W+15)
  17. Katy Perry – The One That Got Away (3W+7)
  18. PETE MURRAY – Free (3W+16) (RH)
  19. Altiyan Childs – Ordinary Man (3W+7)
  20. Daughtry – Renegade (3W+13)
  21. One Direction – Na Na Na (3W+18)
  22. V.V. Brown feat Chiddy Bang – Children (2W+8)
  23. Panic! At The Disco – Mercenary (OST) (2W+5)
  24. JLS – Take A Chance On Me (2W+8)
  25. Nickelback – When We Stand Together (2W+4)
  26. Sara Bareilles feat Ryan Tedder – Gonna Get Over You (2W+9)
  27. Manic Street Preachers – This Is The Day (2W+9)
  28. Rihanna feat Calvin Harris – We Found Love (2W+10)
  29. Ed Sheeran – Lego House (2W+11)
  30. Tonight Alive – Let It Land (2W+12)
  31. The Wanted – Lightning (2W+15)
  32. Jason Mraz – The World As I See It (2W+15)
  33. Gavin Degraw – Radiation (2W+8)
  34. Simple Plan – Astronaut (2W+9)
  35. BRUNO MARS – It Will Rain (OST) (HSD)
  36. BALLYHOO! – Say I’m Wrong (NE)
  37. GRAVITONAS – Lucky Star (NE)
  38. Backstreet Boys – Lost In Space (2W+6)
  39. Cher Lloyd feat Mike Posner – With Ur Love (2W+9)
  40. HOT CHELLE RAE feat New Boyz – I Like It Like That (NE)
  41. JAMES BLUNT – Dangerous (NE)
  42. JASON DERULO – Pick Up The Pieces (NE)
  43. B.O.B feat Lil Wayne – Strange Clouds (NE)
  44. SAM CONCEPCION – Forever Young (OST) (NE)
  45. GRAFFITI6 – Free (NE)
  46. THE SATURDAYS – My Heart Takes Over (NE)
  47. TRAIN – Brand New Book (OST) (NE)
  48. SNOW PATROL – This Isnt Everything You Are (NE)
  49. ROBIN THICKE – Love After War (NE)
  50. DAPPY – No Regrets (NE)


(NE = New Entry, HSD = Hot Shot Debut, RH = Rocket Hitz, EXC = Exchange, OST = Soundtrack, W = Week, + = Up, # = Peak)

ATC Hitz New Music Video Release (#Peak Position) :

  1. Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All (#1)
  2. Jessie J – Who You Are (#3)
  3. Enrique Iglesias feat Pitbull – I Like How It Feels (#10)
  4. Gravitonas- Lucky Star (#StillOnChart)
  5. Ballyhoo! – Say I’m Wrong (#StillOnChart)
  6. James Blunt – Dangerous (#StillOnChart)
  7. Sam Concepcion – Forever Young (#StillOnChart)
  8. Dappy – No Regrets (#StillOnChart)

ATC Hitz Preview Under Bubbling Chart (Random)

  1. Siti Nurhaliza feat Sean Kingston – Remember You
  2. Tori Amos – Shattering Sea
  3. Havana Brown feat. Pitbull – We Run the Night
  4. We Are The In Crowd – Better Luck Next Time
  5. Matt Cardle – Sparks
  6. JRDN – Go Away
  7. Agnes – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
  8. Breaking Laces – What We Need
  9. Aloe Blacc – Green Lights
  10. Jana Kramer – Let’s Hear It for the Boy
  11. Radio Killer – Don’t Let The Music End
  12. Nicki Minaj feat. Hoodstars – Hands Up
  13. Juke Kartel – Soulshaper (Come With Me)
  14. Pixie Lott feat. Pusha T – What Do You Take Me For
  15. Jordin Sparks – You Gotta Want It

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Thanks To : Semua pihak yang mendukung dan menyediakan single-single asik di ATC Hitz ini dan khususnya teman-teman yang mennggalkan jejak komentar di sini (^_^)



3 thoughts on “ATC Weekly Hitz List Top 50, #40th edition 2011 (03 Oktober – 09 Oktober 2011)

  1. Let’s practicing our English continuous, shall we? hehe…

    Oh you are right that “Mercenary” is taken from OST 🙂 Sorry for my comment on last edition cos this song came along while with another hits by them that entering radio charts.

    Wow Pete Murray is a RH artist!! Too bad no radios here play any songs by him haha…

    Damien Rise is out? This is not because we talked about his song on your previous edition, right? hehe… Anyway, I think I have heard “Cannonball” in year 2003 or 2004. Sounds like this song was taken from a movie “In Good Company” that playing in 21 Cineplex here around 2004.
    The question is, why did it debut on your chart this year? Perhaps new version or re-release? Anyway, I like Damien Rice with his hits “Unplayed Piano” feat. Lisa Hannigan.
    Oh, I thought you like Mayer’s song. It is out before entering top10 haha…

    Aha!! Michael Buble on top of flashback hits. That is quite adorable song although I always have a good impression of his other hits “Haven’t Met You Yet”. Don’t know why but that song come up to my mind all of the time whenever I heard or read name Michael Buble mentioned haha..

    Yes, Kelly Clarkson is on top haha… Typical song that so many people here (in Indonesia) adore but this song is not getting good achievement in US 🙂 Maybe because so many Clarkson fans here. Sometimes love made your eyes or ears blind. They love songs from Clarkson omitting whether the song itself sounds good or not 🙂 As long as there is a brand new song by her, the fans are crazy about huhuuuuu… If I may come up her previous hits that touched my ears are: “Since U Been Gone”, “A Moment Like This”, and a lil bit “Behind This Hazel Eyes”. She is good actually in positive way. I mean she is worthy enough as a true American Idol.

    I think Darren Hayes with “Blackout the Sun” fits enough as 2nd runner up 🙂 Darren Hayes also has another hits in some radios, called “Bloodstained Heart”

    Oh I can’t believe my eyes that Mute Math could reach top10, #7 for exact!! Wow, that is my song and sounds like that “Noticed” is not typical of your taste haha… So, surprise!! although if they out next week. They have a very good achievement here. I think I have their previous hits that entered mychart before titled “Typical” on 2004 I guess.

    I put my wishes on Coldplay, Britney Spears and Joe Jonas to explore your top10 next edition hehe… I heard another hits by Aqua in some radios. To my surprise that “Take a Chance on Me” has a melodious tone. Good for JLS.

    Nickelback, Sara Bareilles, Rihanna & Calvin Harris, Jason Mraz, Simple Plan, Enrique Iglesias and Manic Street Preachers should move higher next week haha… I like this Sara Bareilles 2nd hits. It is full, crisp, old-fashioned sound in my ears haha. Oh I heard another song by Enrique on some radio stations. It is “Mouth to Mouth” featuring J-Lo.

    Backstreet Boys is good, but “Lost in Space” sound like one of their old songs with some spacey sounds added hehe.. The song is still okay but not great though. Are you sure that you enjoy more “Renegade” than “Crawling Back to You”? Oops sorry, my mistake!! you always prefer 1st single haha…

    The Wanted is just so so… while I am not interested in songs by B.o.B, Tonight Alive and Altiyan Child

    Hey, we have different song by Train this time. No radios play “Brand New Book” but one station radio play “To be Loved” that I put in mychart as debut this week 🙂 I have not listened yet “Brand New Book”, but my friend in US said that the song sounds tiresome 🙂 “To be Loved” also is taken from movie soundtrack. Talking about Train, who will forget “Calling all Angels”, “Drops of Jupiter” and “Hey Soul Sister”. Train always trains my ear whenever I listen their brand new song haha…

    Bruno Mars always good to hear. I like the way the song ends. He became the singer who break the dominance of Muse as a soundtrack artist for The Twilight Saga movie 🙂 Although you prefer the 1st single but your debut songs consist of lot of songs that not 1st single haha… Let’s say Hot Chelle Rae, Jason Derulo, SnowPatrol, James Blunt and Robin Thicke if I was not wrong. I think “I Like it Like That” is not as good as “Tonight Tonight”. That is a good song by SnowPatrol. Robin Thick presents another soulful song that I have this year besides James Morrison’s “Slave to the Music” and Jamiroquai’s “All Good in the Hood”.

    Not much I can say to songs in bubbling segment. It is hard to predict which one(s) among them could enter your list next edition. Oh, I think you miss some songs that could join your bubbling list. Such as: 2 am Club “Every Evening”, Alaine feat. Chris Martin “Still in Love”, Arrested Development “Living”, Marie Christine “Totally Random”, Metro Station “Closer and Closer”, Cody Simpson “Not just You”, Cory Lee feat. Shaggy “Best Shot”, and Bic Runga “Hello Goodbye”. I will update you more if you let me hehe…
    Still too much that I want to say but hot have much time hehe… Have fun!!

    • Wohooo another long comment 🙂

      Actually I know Pete Murray long time ago (2008 ATC Hitz) by his song “You Pick Me UP”, then previously there “Always A Winner” entering the top 10 in August 2011.. Well, it’s pity there’s none of Indonesian Radio play his song “Free” because it’s good I think hehe

      Damien Rice is out only because some of NE this week better than his, usually song at #50 always got dump out at first week 🙂 If you ask me what is the best song from him, of course : Blower’s Daughter (OST Closer) and 9 Crimes (feat Lisa Hannigan)
      And from Michael Buble I really like his song “Everything” and “Home” 🙂

      Well, in my Facebook Notes about this 40th chart edition there’s a lot of comments said that Kelly Clarkson’s new song not as good as her song before, like “Because of You”, “Since You’ve Been Gone” etc, but I think she deserve for champion for this week, “Mr. Know It All” really addicted

      Yeah, I had “Bloodstained Heart” from Darren Hayes for some weeks before, now his song still in preview bubbling, may be next week he succeeds entering my chart 🙂

      Nope, Mute Math is my genre too 🙂 I like tones and spirit from their song here.
      Of course Coldplay, Britney and Joe Jonas could reach the top 10, just need little more patient 🙂
      Do you mean Aqua – Playmate To Jesus? I have that one too, but I think the title of this song is not generally accepted by some people consider by their belief
      And Yess, JLS (winner best Band/Duo/Group ATC Hitz Awards 2009 by their song Beat Again) now comeback with good song “Take a Chance On Me”, I do like it

      Yup, I have “Mouth To Mouth” by Enrique too, we’ll see next week whether he could enter my chart or not 🙂
      I hear “Crawling Back To You” by Daughtry for once and I think “Renegade” still do better
      Wohoho, The Wanted really addicted me for this week, well then.. the next round they definitely get the higher position
      I don’t know much about Train new song “To be Loved”, is that better than “Brand New book”?

      Wow, from list new song you write me, none of them I heard before 🙂
      And surprisingly there is Bic Runga??? woooaaaa… I miss her song such
      Arrested Development, Metro Station are some artist to be highlighted for me, hope their song are good hehehe
      And please don’t be hesitate to put some new release in your comment each edition, it’s really help me to improve/complete my chart 🙂

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