ATC Hitz Awards 2011 Nominations : Best Male In Vocal & Performance

Kembali lagi di ATC Hitz Awards 4th 2011, Filed 1 : Best New Act (3 Kategori = Male, Female, Group) telah dilewati kemarin, kini menginjak ke Field 2 : Best In Vocal & Performance yang akan dibagi menjadi 4 Kategori (Male, Female, Group, Duet). Oke langsung saja digelr acaranya, ini dia para nominator Best Male In Vocal & Performance :

James Morrison – I Won’t Let You Go

Matt Cardle – When We Collide

Brandon Heath – The Light In Me

Chris Medina -What Are Words

Lenny Kravitz – Stand

Emin – Anytime You Fall

David Cook – Fade Into Me

Darren Hayes – Black Out The Sun

Adam Lambert – Beg for Mercy

Wes Carr – Been A Long Time

Matt Nathanson- Faster

Cal Ecker – I Will Love You

Ed Sheeran – Lego House

Bruno Mars – Marry You

Christian Bautista I’m Already King

Dan itulah ke-15 nominator untuk kategori Best Male Vocal & Performance. Ini adalah kategori baru tahun 2011 sehingga untuk ATC Hitz Awards tahun 2008 s/d 2010 tidak ada pemenangnya.  

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9 thoughts on “ATC Hitz Awards 2011 Nominations : Best Male In Vocal & Performance

    • thanks for visiting 🙂
      Yeah right, it’s been long time ago since you’ve not updated yet, it’s understandable while you’ve became a busy person recently haha

      Hmmm, I think you should try Darren Hayes, knowing that Savage Garden is one of your favorite band though :), oh yeah don’t forget to listening James Morrison song, it’s a good one indeed

      anyway “ojo diguyu ya bahasa Inggrise haha”

    • Habis sholat istikharah eh tiba-tiba terbesit dibenakmu, teringat blog wordpress-ku yang bagus…akhirnya mutusin ikut2 aja 🙂 *peace.. ganti donk tema blogmu, lola banget sih, apa emang gak bisa? sini aku bantuin hihihihi

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